It’s All in the Choices We Make…

It’s All in the Choices We Make…

I remember an experience I had sometime during 1990, I was sitting on the podium of our congregation in Maryland, taping Asher’s message (that was old school when you had to sit and watch the cassette tape and turn it over when the first side was full). All of a sudden, everything in the room went white, and I saw Jesus standing in front of me. I never saw His face, but I felt Him put His hands on my shoulders and said that I needed to make a decision.

I could go back to Las Vegas, and He would bless me, and I would live out my life serving Him still, but He desired for me to stay in Maryland, because there were things He had for me to accomplish there. And, if I went back to Las Vegas, I would never marry, because my husband wasn’t there, and he never would be. And then the vision was over, and I was back in the congregation, and amazed at what I had just heard. I had been vascillating about staying in Maryland, or moving back to Las Vegas.

Of course, it’s obvious that I chose to stay, and God took me through many wonderful experiences as a result, both in Israel and here. But the amazing thing is that I met Ken, my wonderful husband. I would never have met him, had I not chosen what He asked me to choose. It’s interesting, but he didn’t say I had to choose that. He gave me a clear choice. But I am so glad I made that choice.

Mr. Ken, as I affectionately call him, is the most wonderful gift. He is the epitome of what you would call a faithful man. We met on the internet back when it wasn’t the “thing” to do. Some thought I was crazy coming to Illinois by myself to meet him. And crazier still to go hiking with him at Starved Rock the second day I arrived! But I am so glad I listened to my heart and came here and met this most wonderful man. I knew as soon as we met that we had a connection ordained by God and that we would be together. It just took him a little bit longer to realize it!

We have had over fifteen amazing, wonderful, laughter-filled years together. I would not trade it for anything. It’s funny, but as much as I have hated living in Illinois, I have loved my life with Mr. Ken.

Sunday morning our pastor had a message about marriage. As I sat there listening, Ken was running the PowerPoint slides for the message, faithfully putting the slides up as pastor was talking. Every time I see that, it reminds me of the man he is, ever faithful, always dependable, a wonderful example of what a Godly man should be.

I wish every woman could be as blessed as I am. The bible says to find a wife is to find a good thing, but I think it’s also true of finding a husband like mine. He is and has been a “good thing” for me.

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