Yeshua and Alexander

Yeshua and Alexander both died at 33.
One lived and died for self, One died for you and me.
The Greek died on a throne, the Jew died on a cross.
One’s life a triumphed seemed, the Other but a loss.
One led vast armies forth, the Other walked alone.
One shed a whole world’s blood, the Other gave His own.

Yeshua and Alexander both died at 33.
One died in Babylon, the Other on Calvary.
One gained all for himself, and One Himself He gave.
One conquered every throne, the Other every grave.
The one made himself a god, but God made Himself less.
The one lived to kill, the Other lived to bless.

Yeshua and Alexander both died at 33.
The Greek made men slaves, the Jew made men free.
One built a throne on blood, the Other built on love.
The one was born of earth, the Other from above.
The Greek forever died, the Jew forever lives.
He loses all who gets, and wins all things who gives.

(author unknown)

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