Limericks of Lea

Written by various friends of Lea, to pass the time while on the way to her wedding!

Give ear to these verses of rhyme,
‘Tis a story of love sublime!
How Lea met Ken
By keyboard, not pen
God’s hand in His perfect time.

There once was a girl named Lea.
For fun we all called her “Flea-ah.”
And then she met Ken,
Lord knows where she’s been,
We just know she’s not he-ah.

Lea is one to explore.
Her life is never a bore.
Like a day in the car
When she couldn’t find “R”
Until she burst through the door.

“The crazy transmission,” she wailed,
“I’m sure of the thing, she has failed!
This isn’t so funny:
I’ve got no more money.”
It’s a good things that prayers prevailed.

And the time we got stuck in the snow,
With still a few miles to go.
On the hill we did sit,
Lea pushed not a bit,
But she laughed till she cried, don’t you know.

Once more we resorted to prayer,
To rescue three maidens so fair.
Along came a stranger
In a Ford pickup Ranger,
(For life on the edge, none compare).

She once tried to play in recital,
Her fingers froze in a frightal!
She shook like a leaf,
And sobbed in relief,
When the end of the song was in sightal.

For riddles and jokes she’s the best,
Her memory’s put to the test,
She’s heard it before,
And she knows you’ll roar,
Too bad she can’t think of the rest.

The dog and the cat love to fight.
When Lea drove in late one night,
They jumped in her door,
And created a roar,
And the whole house woke up in a fright!

From the noble family of Kane,
Wed into the brave clan of Splane,
Know this: she’s a thief,
Stole our hearts complete,
Be warned, Ken, you’ll never be the same!

She’s been all across the US of A,
Where else she’s traveled no one can say.
But then the two met,
On the big Internet;
And finally she’ll be there to stay.

So Ken was biding his time,
Just waiting for someone sublime.
In blew this lass,
Who had lots of class,
So quickly he fed her a line.

The first date they went on a hike,
She wished they had been on a bike.
“Please stop”, she said,
“Before I be dead.
“This hard of a hike I don’t like”.

Since then Ken’s not been the same,
He pinks at the sound of her name,
They’re soon to be wed,
What more can be said?
The rest we don’t need to X-Splane!

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