In God Is Our Strength

It’s a troubled world we live in
and we wish that we might find
Not only happiness of heart
but longed-for peace of mind.

But where can we begin our search
in the age of automation
With neighbor against neighbor
and nation against nation.

Where values have no permanence
and change is all around
And everything is “sinking sand”
and nothing “solid ground.”

Have we placed our faith in leaders
unworthy of our trust?
Have we lost our own identity
and allowed our souls to rust?

Have we forgotten Babylon
and Egypt, Rome and Greece,
And all the mighty rulers
who lived by war, not peace.

Who built their thrones and empires
on power and man-made things
And never knew God’s Greatness
or that He was KING OF KINGS?

But we’ve God’s own promise,
so let us seek a goal
That opens new vistas
for man’s eternal soul.

For our strength and our security
lie not in earthly things,
But in Yeshua the Lord who died for us
and rose as KING OF KINGS!

(author unknown)

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