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Corn on the Curb

The following photos were taken in downtown Bloomington in June, 2001.

David Davis Mansion

The mansion of Supreme Court Justice David Davis is in Bloomington IL. 


Frederick, Maryland

Carroll Creek and Downtown Scenes.

The Archangel – Community Bridge – Frederick Maryland

This feature – a special type of perspective painting called an anamorphic projection – is on the bridge wall immediately adjacent to The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center. 


Fountain, Statue, and Unfound Door – Community Bridge Frederick, Maryland

Paintings by “trompe l’oeil” (French for “deceive the eye”) artist William Cochran on the Community Bridge, Frederick, MD

Carroll Creek Bridge

Frederick, Maryland Community Bridge - Small Symbol Paintings

These photos were taken at the “Community Bridge” mural in downtown Frederick, MD (which was founded in 1743). 

dominy library

Fairbury, Illinois

“The Queen City of the Cornbelt” as declared in the old Fairbury Blade newspaper.


Homeshield Fabric Tank Replacement

These are photos of the fabric tank being replaced. The fabric tank was part of the fire prevention system at the old Homeshield plant in Chatsworth.

David's Tower

Israel "Baruch Haba" Tour 2017

Photos from our tour in Israel
from May 9 to May 13, 2017.

dominy library

HOMESHIELD NOSTALGIA in the early '60's

If you are or were an employee of Homeshield, aka Nichols-Homeshield, aka American Screen Company, in Chatsworth, IL, or a current or former resident of Chatsworth, you will enjoy browsing through these old Homeshield newsletters from the early ’60s.

Lavender Hall sign

Homestead Restaurant Of Lavender Hall

Lavender Hall, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is one of the county’s most distinguished Colonial houses.

wood carving

Humiston Woods Nature Preserve

Humiston Woods Nature Center is located west of Pontiac, Illinois, between Livingston County roads 1100 East and 1200 East on 2100 North Road, about 6 miles west of exit #201 on I-55.

David's Tower

Odds & Ends Collected Over the Years

A compendium of various items found inside old books, and items saved through the years.

dominy library

Oil City, Pennsylvania

My hometown of Oil City is a small town in Venango County, Pennsylvania, located on the confluence of Oil Creek and the Allegheny River in western PA.

dominy library

Our Cats

Lea and I lived in a condo. Lea was allergic to cats and dogs, so we didn’t have any pets, just lots of plants. One day in 2006, Lea thought it would be fun to volunteer at the McLean County Humane Society.

Lavender Hall sign

Pine Barrens of New Jersey

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, are a heavily forested region in southern New Jersey, covering one-third of the state’s total area.

David's Tower

Starved Rock State Park New Bridge and Parking Lot – 1994

Construction of the present bridge at Starved Rock Lodge, completed in 1994.

wood carving

Starved Rock State Park Wood Carvings – 2019

Photos of the wood carvings found scattered around the Lodge and main parking lot. 

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