How We Met

Love on the Internet!


For those having a computer and Internet access, the art of letter writing is not dead, but is enjoying a needed revival. Here is just one story of how two people met, fell in love, and are having a wonderful life together, all from one simple E-mail letter! (Someone mentioned that it was “love at first type!”)

In late March of 1996, Lea was browsing through the Christian Singles message board of Christianity Online, which is one of the sections of America Online. She didn’t realize that she could just read the most recent messages, so started at the beginning.

She came across a message that Ken had posted in September, 1995. It was so refreshingly different from the others, she decided to reply. After several days, she received a letter in reply, a letter with a poem, “The Last Rose of Summer.”

The poem brought tears to her eyes, and thus started a close friendship. Since she had previously made plans to move to New Mexico, Lea was able to meet Ken in July of 1996 while traveling to her new home. They went for a day of hiking at Starved Rock State Park. Lea later related, “I was so tired, I thought I was going to die!”

After Lea arrived in New Mexico, (driving through Wolf Creek Pass in the Rocky Mountains was pretty scary!), they corresponded the old-fashioned way—with snail mail, as Lea didn’t have E-mail access. Ken went to New Mexico in late September of 1996 to “pop the big question!” A delighted “Yes!” sealed their relationship.

Lea packed up her belongings once again, stowed them into her little car, and started for Illinois in early December of 1996. A place to stay was provided by a farm family from Ken’s church. A job became available almost immediately.

They were married March 29th of 1997. Starved Rock State Park was the honeymoon site, where a wonderful lodge and log cabins among the trees provided a rustic setting. A trip to Galena, where they stayed at a beautiful bed & breakfast, topped off a wonderful time.

A simple story, perhaps, but that is how we met!

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