The Homestead Restaurant Of Lavender Hall

Lavender Hall, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is one of the county’s most distinguished Colonial houses. Lavender Hall is famed not only for the lavishness of its cuisine, but also for its beautiful flower gardens. I was there many times as a kid, as my aunt, who lived in nearby Newtown, worked there for over thirty years as a hostess.

A sign on the entrance of Lavender Hall, circa early ’70’s.

Front of business card, date unknown

Inside of business card, date unknown.

Main entrance.

Lavender Hall.

An older Lavender Hall sign.

One of the sitting rooms at Lavender Hall.

Another sitting room at Lavender Hall.

Side dining room at Lavender Hall.

Water fall in main dining room at Lavender Hall.

Main dining area at Lavender Hall.

Another view of the dining room water fall at Lavender Hall.

Tree in main dining area of Lavender Hall. Unfortunately, the slide this was scanned from was not of the best quality.

My Aunt Alice, hostess at Lavender Hall for over thirty years.

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