Corn on the Curb

Downtown Bloomington, Illinois

The following photos were taken in downtown Bloomington in June, 2001. The fiberglass forms were painted by various area artists. The vision was to have a tourism/artistic expression something along the lines of the Chicago cows, which were making news worldwide in 2000. But in Central Illinois, what better symbol than corn to help the city celebrate its 150th birthday, which happened in 2000. The corn forms are presently in other locations, some of which can be seen by Famous Dave’s in Bloomington.

No Name

Lincoln's Lost Ear


Corn-ea: Ears looking at You

Frankcornstein - Hybrid 007

Back of Frankcornstein

Corn Dogs

Craning for Corn

In Your Ear

Cornwell & Cornelius Cornasaurus

Kernel Knowledge

Final Show

Colonel Corn

Colonel Maize's Place

Candy Corn (small paintings of candy bars)

Vincent Van d'ear Corn

Star-Crossed Pollinators

Cornmin Miranda

The Amaize-ing Fairy Cobmother

Spiral Cornrows

Nehi in July

Abraham Lincorn

Corn on the Run - Front

Corn on the Run - Back



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