Roadkill Café

Serving the Finest of Illinois Roadside Delicacies


Eating food is more fun…When you know it was hit on the run!

Center Line Bovine (straight from the hood)$4.95
The Chicken (that didn't cross the road)$3.95
Flat Cat (served as a single or in a stack)$2.95

Late Night Delight

Served Fresh Each Night After 12:00pm!

Rack of Raccoon$3.95
Smear of Deer$4.95
Awesome Possum$1.95
Cheap Sheep$0.43

Canine Cuisine

“You’ll eat like a hog when you taste our dog!”


Pit Bull Pot Pie$1.95
Shar-Pei Fillet$5.95
Poodles 'n Noodles$5.95
Snippet of Whippet$4.50
Collie Hit by a Trolley$3.95
German Shepherd Pie$3.95
Round of Hound$4.25
Cocker Cutlets$3.95
Slab of Lab$2.95

A Taste of the Wild Side

(Still in the hide)

Chunk of Skunk$1.95
Smidgen of Pidgeon
Road Toad ala mode$1.65
Rigor Mortis Tortoise$6.75
Narrow Sparrow$0.55
Shake 'n Bake Snake$2.25
Whippoorwill on the Grill$3.30
Swirl of Squirrel$1.55

Outdoor Dining at It’s Finest!

Have supper served at our famous roadside tables…An engrossing view!


Gopher Loaf$2.95
Lizard's 'n Gizzards$2.50
Armadillo Surprise$6.50
Rammed Lamb$3.95
Bagels 'n Fox$4.95
U-Name-It Kebob$5.00
Bugs on da Glass$0.50
Croaker Yogurt$1.00
Cream of Frog$3.75
Crescent of Pheasant$4.50
Tired Turtle$5.50
Terrier Teriaki$5.95
Spare Bear Ribs$5.50

A Daily Treat!

Guess That Mess…It can’t be beat!

If you can guess what it is…You eat it for free!

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