Incident in Terry’s Shack

Here’s something from the Internet, taken from the old Bubba List, a list for people who live or used to live in the U.S. Southern states.

Subj: [BUBBA-L:16966] incident in Terry’s shack Date: 95-02-03 06:22:18 EST Written by: Ollie McKagen

HAHA, last nite Ey stoppet by a pal’s house to see what up there, n they all out in the building, sad excuse 4 that, made from six pine posts n few cross beams with some metal siding tacket in place. Have couple barrel stoves, sum kinlin wood, n load of clapped out dirt bikes n it. U should see this when it rainet, coz it alllll coming in thru the seam, n when the wind bloz, the roof lifts up n then settles back down.

The floor b made of about six layers carpet, odd sizes just tossed n2 the dirt, an door not fit well, so the dawgs alll liket a lot, sleep there in the bad weathr. Alll these guys about as bright as a stump put 2gether, but they nice folx anyway, so I b liken to hang with them sometimes.

So, we all in there with a beer and dogs circulatng around an in come Terry, our hero for the nite. Along them other dogs is Mad Dog the antihero, ol mutt type about lebm years old, have one bad eye and pret good array of scars from racoon fight. Boo, hiz owner sez it took 140 stitches to hold him 2gether long enough to heal up, n his best feature to date is perfect raccoon sized/shapet chunk mark out of his ear, I mean a full jawload of it!! Boo sez when he found ol Mad Dog next day, he was hairless and nearly skinless starting from the hips and working up to chunk out of he ear but he recovered n just as lovin ornery as ever.

Well, ol dog, he feeling his oats and begun rubbing up on people’s legs and wagging his tail thumping us one n all, big doggie grin allll over him, but it clear he primed up, so we starts to teasing him n growlng and bumping his hip with knee when he come rubbn on us, n lettng him have a bite of our shoes. All this fun get much better when he go for one-a Terry’s boots and even wifot much teefths left, he’s raising a welt n the toes, n Terry shaking his leg to toss ol Mad Dog off.

This loookin like fine fun chance, so we’s all givng it heck, when Mad Dog gets a grip, bump his buns, sez `grrrr’, `sic ’em’, `get ’em’, n dog he doing his part. Terry take it with a grin for a few minutes, not quite sure what 2 do, 2 proud 2 tell us cut it out.

Ol Dog getting rythym, startn to pull on sleeves, nip at knees. Then he break off, walk around swat us all with tail, we sez `good dog’, `grrrrr’, `get ’em’, n Mad Dog go back to it. HAHA, pret soon this scene lookn like cartoon wift big cloud of hair n dust and dog breath n just a leg or arm or big stupid dog jaws full of teeth showing in turn, and then it’s time for sweatn and swearing.

Terry aint going b chased out of he own buildng by ol dog, so he keep tryn to get good choke hold on em. Ol dog be loving it, have so much loose skin Terry keep comng up with nothign but open jaws and slobber marks. We all laughn so hard we kent keep egging on Mad Dog, n he finally wind down and gt alllll out of breath.

Terry have some new tears n clothig and wild look in eyes, but he can’t come out hitting people who be layng down cryng from laughn, and ol Mad Dog finaly come over n likkn him n face, and he let it go wift that. And so, 2 bed….

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