I work for a very large company in the Midwest. Every Valentine’s Day there are several tables at the Security entrance to the buildings to hold all the flowers that are delivered to employees for Valentine’s Day. They even have them labeled by alphabet.

It’s nice to see that when you walk in the building – all the florist delivery vans coming and going. It’s nice to know that so many people are loved and special.

Ken used to get me flowers every Valentine’s Day. But when we got cats, that custom had to change, because our cats would try to eat the flowers! It’s only natural for them, I guess. And I don’t really miss them that much, because our cats give me so much love and fun and affection.

But this morning, I was in the car waiting for Ken to clean the snow off the car so he could drive me to work. I was putting lotion on my hands and looked up at my window. He took the ice scraper and wrote “I Luv U” in the snow on the window. I shared it at work, and all the women in the meeting I was in thought it was the most wonderful thing, even better than flowers.

It truly was the best Valentine gift. Ken is a gift from God to me. He is the most wonderful man and loves me in a way I could never have dreamed. We will celebrate our 15th year of marriage this year. I tell him it has been 15 years of bliss, and I am not kidding. Only God could know the man who was right for me (and could live with me!). I am so thankful for Ken, and my Valentine Gift this Valentine’s Day 2012.

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